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Hi, my name is Kristyn. 

I started thrifting long before most people thought it was cool. I did it mostly out of the necessity and because my taste did not necessary follow what was trendy in the moment. I love mixing vintage or retro with edgy modern pieces to create unique and one of a kind looks.

Opening this store was a surprise opportunity. This opportunity came at a very scary and trying time. But an opportunity I could not pass up. Having a brick and mortar store during the Covid pandemic was if nothing else a challenge. My decision to move to online for the time being has a lot to do with family responsibilities and my own mental health.

This store is my answer to fast fashion and an unsustainable market. I wanted to create an eco-conscious, hip, inclusive store. You don't need to necessary look for brands but find that cool outfit or item. A statement piece. A unique, timeless or just out of the ordinary enough to fit your style piece. My end goal is fun, enjoyment and making the best out of this life. 

I believe in lifting each other up, being as kind as possible and reminding each other there is beauty in each of us. What you wear should be an expression of your beauty and character. Come find it here!

Kristyn H. Bartlett 

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